m   a   u   l   u   c   c   i
p a i n t i n g :
Why does an author of fiction and poetry create visual art? Is it because he has ideas that can’t be expressed in words? Perhaps, but more often it is the same ideas that are expressed in different ways. Both my poems and my paintings use imagery to convey deep emotion and make a connection with the subconscious mind. I hope these images offer a glimpse into some of the mysteries of the human psyche and tell a timeless truth about the human experience.

I am not interested in creating highly realistic depictions of the world. My inclination is towards portraying the transformation of the world by the spirit and the sensibilities of the artist. Timelessness is what I’m after. Not classicism or modernism or post-modernism — just an image suspended in time.

I realize that the images in my paintings will not resonate with everyone who looks at them, the way a naturalistic portrayal of a person, place or object would. However, I have not abandoned naturalism altogether. Rather, my work is a deviation from the actuality of the person, place or object. I see with my imagination and my heart, and invite the viewer to look at the world through my mind’s eye and join me in my journey as a Fugitive Artist.