O you noble spirits of Mount Rushmore
Be our court of justice, hear our plea!
We are the Americanus populi who've been betrayed
by a president who is self proclaimed
and we demand that he be removed
from the position of which he is unworthy,
we insist that he be expelled
from the office he is unwarranted to hold.
Our services grant us authority:
We are the timber in your ship of state,
We are the rock at the base of your pillars,
We are the stone in your towers,
We are the earth beneath your feet.

When you asked us to fight for the common good
we found the courage to face our enemies
in the fields of Argonne,
on the beaches at Normandy,
beneath the waters of the South Pacific.
The tyrants were toppled by our sacrifices.
Less than a decade later, we were told the world was still unsafe
and again we found the courage
at the Yalu River in Korea,
in the rice paddies of Vietnam,
on the oil fields of Kuwait,
and now, in the streets of Baghdad.
We fought the monsters made by corporate greed,
We believed what we were told,
We did what we were ordered to do,
but we were blinded by patriotism.
Is not human blood more sacred than oil?

O you great Honors, give us hope!
Speak to us from History.
Reach down to us from your mountain.
Justice is indeed a majestic thing,
and you have the wisdom to wield it
on behalf of the people.
The terrorist threat has been exaggerated,
rule be fear is this president's way.
Turn the tables on him!
Render the punishment he so richly deserves
for his audacious lies,
for his shameful mockery of your high calling.
His smirking face worries us and unsettles our children.
His cry of patriotism is a dark cloud over the land we love.
His words are a dust storm on the road to peace.

Hussein had no hidden weapons of mass destruction,
but this president has concealed much
and he has created much doubt and mass confusion.
Perhaps you learned men have been fooled by him,
but not us, not any more.
All right, we've gone too far,
must remember our place, must remember who you are,
but with all due respect kindly be mindful
of what we've given for this country.
Remember what people like us
have done for people like him.
Our sons and daughters take the brunt, not his.
Please don't forget that!
Please pardon our frankness,
we don't mean to confront,
what's past is past, but we must be blunt:
families like ours bear the burden
so families like his can enjoy a full life.
Their lives are bullish,
while ours are brutish,
and now we must appeal to your noble nature.
Allow your generosity to prevail,
please give us justice, put the man in travail.  
Renew our faith in leadership.
Let freedom rise again,
let it soar even higher than your mighty mountain!