Mind if I kiss you?
You're the best.
Must you kiss there? I protest.
Especially there
and also here.
Mmm . . . how did you learn to kiss so well?
By watching what your eyes had to tell.

You're so sexy.
This is vexing . . . that's the spot.
I love to touch you
here and here.
I love it when you touch me . . .
Ah, your neck . . . your nipples . . .
Not there . . . that tickles!
What's this below?
Please, go slow.
It seems to be out of all measure
that a pair of lips could give such pleasure.
You're such a beauty!
You're making me fruity.
I think I'm coming.
I think I'm dying.
Ahhh . . . ecstasy!
Oooo . . . bliss!
And to think it all started with just a kiss.

There's one little thing you should know.
Please tell me now before you go.
I have a wife.
Oh well, that's life.
How can you be so nonchalant?
How can you be so ungallant?
I'm leaving. This is the end.
Be quiet.
Come back here and kiss me again.
I'll start at the bottom and work up to the top.
Must you kiss there? Ooo . . . don't stop.