On a dare, I went in search of Beauty
thinking it would be enough
just to catch a glimpse of her.
I looked in all the obvious places,
the streets and cafes,
in the parks and by the river,
then I tried the usual spots,
the theatres, museums and cinemas,
but I searched in vain.
This goddess knew how to hide herself.

Then I remembered a poet had once said
that Beauty and Truth were one and the same,
but I’d never believed him.
At this point I had nothing to lose,
so I went to look for Truth.
He was almost as elusive as she was,
but I managed to locate him
in a bar in the West Village.
He was nicely dressed,
but I wouldn’t call him a beauty,
and he was none too friendly.
After a few shots he warmed up to me
and with a little coaxing
I managed to get her address.

I staked out her house for weeks
— this babe had no life —
and one fine day she just appeared.
Man, was I knocked over!
She was stunning.
I stared at her till my eyes were gone.
But seeing her was not enough.
I had to make her acquaintance,
had to chat her up a bit
just to see if I still had the magic.
So back I went to Truth for the low down
and ended up at his place drinking holy wine
to give myself a little more courage.
Well I guess I drank too much.
That stuff gave me visions of a better day,
but it also showed me the ugliness
of my undeniable intention to possess.
Strangely enough, I felt compelled to reveal
the secrets of my heart,
so I told him how much I wanted her.
Now wasn’t that weird?
My buddy Truth thought it was all very amusing,
and he was bored so he came with me this time.
We took a cab uptown,
going in style to make the right impression,
and when Beauty appeared,
when she stepped out on the sidewalk
and looked at me dead on,
I was struck dumb,
couldn’t tell her how much I adored her,
just collapsed into the arms of Truth
who led me away, then bundled me into a cab.
That was the last thing I remember,
that and his sneering laughter.
Funny thing is, I’ve never been able to find
either one of them again.
But I heard they’ve got a place together,
somewhere in Brooklyn, I believe.